SuperMat Vinyl Nonstudded no studs, no bevel chairmat. Ideal for hardwood, concrete and wood floors.

Non-Studded Chair Mats
Non-Studded Chair Mats
Item# nonstud
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Product Description

Non studded chairmats for use on wood, tile or concrete surfaces. The chairmats work extremely well to protect your floor from wear and tear. Get the chairmat that protects and lasts. Usually ships in 2-3 business days. FREE SHIPPING!

ev3648ure36"x48" rectangle0UXV $98.00

ev3648wre36"x48" w/lip0U@ $98.00

ev4553ure45"x53" rectangle0U(U $109.00

ev4553wre45"x53" w/lip0U$109.00

ev4660ure46"x60" rectangle0Uhz $120.00

ev4660wre46"x60" w/lip0U` $120.00

ev4872ure48"x72" rectangle0UXV $164.00

ev4896ure48"x96" rectangle0Uʲ $197.00

ev48120ure48"x120" rectangle0U{ $219.00

ev48144ure48"x144" rectangle0U(U $274.00

ev48180ure48"x180" rectangle0U@ $329.00

ev6060ure60"x60" rectangle0Ut $175.00

ev6072ure60"x72" rectangle0U$186.00

ev6096ure60"x96" rectangle0U $263.00

ev60120ure60"x120" rectangle0UXV $318.00

ev60144ure60"x144" rectangle0Uʲ $329.00

ev60180ure60"x180" rectangle0U{ $384.00

ev5460b54"x60" non studded beaker shape mat0U{ $200.00

ev6660b66"x60" non studded beaker shape mat0Uhz $211.00

evrnd486048"x60" non studded oval mat0UXV $189.00

evrnd606060"x60" non studded round mat0U@ $200.00

evcon394939"x49" non studded contour mat0U $134.00

evcon485648"x56" non studded contour mat0U` $189.00