Execumat chairmats approx. 250 mil

Chair Mats for Thick Carpet
Chair Mats for Thick Carpet
Item# CEO
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Product Description

Chair mats that are the thickest, highest quality chairmat available in the U.S. These chairmats are made to last and come with a lifetime warranty. This style of chairmat is top of the line and made for high pile and plush carpeting.

ex3648ure36"x48" rectanglebeveled $142.00

ex3648wre36"x48" w/lipbeveled $142.00

ex4553ure45"x53" rectanglebeveled $153.00

ex4553wre45"x53" w/lipbeveled $153.00

ex4660ure46"x60" rectanglebeveled $186.00

ex4660wre46"x60" w/lipbeveled $186.00

ex4872ure48"x72" rectanglebeveled $208.00

ex4896ure48"x96" rectanglebeveled $274.00

ex6060ure60"x60" rectanglebeveled $238.00

ex6072ure60"x72" rectanglebeveled $274.00

ex6084ure60"x84" rectanglebeveled $365.00

ex6096ure60"x96" rectanglebeveled $349.00

ex5460b54"x60" beaker shape matbeveled $373.00

ex6660b66"x60" beaker shape matbeveled $309.00

exrnd486048"x60" studded oval matbeveled $243.00

exrnd606060"x60" studded round matbeveled $273.00

excon394939"x49" studded contour matbeveled $188.00

excon485648"x56" studded contour matbeveled $243.00